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Tanjung Gemuk, located between Endau and Rompin, about 30 minutes north of Mersing, is the other gateway from where you can catch the ferry to Tioman. Our ferry tickets can be used to depart from Mersing as well as from Tanjung Gemuk.

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Travelers from KL tend to prefer departing to Tioman from Tanjung Gemuk, because it's is closer to KL than Mersing. The downside of Tanjung Gemuk, however, is that it's not as accessible as Mersing.

Ferry tickets should be available at the Tanjung Gemuk ferry terminal. Provided the ferry is not yet fully booked of course. The rate of these tickets is the equivalent of 120 Ringgit for a round-trip. Public transport to Tanjung Gemuk

Some buses from KL to Mersing will pass by Tanjung Gemuk. If your bus doesn't, then just disembark at Mersing and take a taxi from there to Tanjung Gemuk. It should be about another 30 minutes' drive. Click here to book your bus tickets.

Driving to Tanjung Gemuk

If you are driving from KL, instead of exiting the North-South Expressway at Ayer Hitam and following the Kluang route, exit Seremban instead, then follow Kuala Pilah, Muadzam Shah and then drive along the coastal road.

If you're driving from Singapore, just keep going at Mersing for a while longer until you reach Tanjung Gemuk. The drive from Singapore to Tanjung Gemuk is about 30 minutes longer than the drive to Mersing.