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Even in the early Pulau Tioman days, about the first half of the 1990s, it was already Mersing that served as the sole de facto jumping board to our favorite sunny isle. Back then, Tioman was the only one of the string of now well-known bounty islands situated opposite the southeastern Malaysian seaboard that garnered any kind of tourism interest, albeit in rather modest numbers back then.

The only bookable accommodation available in those days was Tioman pioneer Pak Nazri's A-frames, located in Monkey Bay. Apart from "Nazri's Place", the island at large remained mostly untouched. As a matter of fact, for all intents and purposes, Tioman was still wholly undeveloped then, as good as undiscovered even, certainly by international tourism.

However, fast-forward to the present and it's obvious for all to see that Tioman Island is now one of Malaysia's premier tourism magnets, rivaling Penang, Langkawi and Perhentian.

Not only has the number of island resorts in Tioman bourgeoned since, but holiday traffic to Tioman has increased commensurately too.

Clearly, Tioman has grown up to become a big player on the international tropical island traveler scene, enjoying very high recognition scores in global sunny destination surveys, even when perennial favorites like Maldives, Mauritius and Fiji are included.

It is with this in mind that the comprehensive recently completed Mersing ferry terminal refurbishing program makes so much sense. The old Mersing ferry terminal counters had gotten quite long in the tooth. In fact, the hackneyed counters had actually become a serious journey bottleneck, to the chagrin of the ever-growing throngs of Tioman-hopefuls seemingly waiting endlessly to be processed there, before finally being able to board their ferry.

Simply put, Mersing Harbour Centre's time had come.

Mersing Harbour Centre is the picture of modernity and efficiency. The row of primitive ticket counters of yore have spectacularly made way for a truly contemporary and sophisticated tourism service complex, dedicated to ensuring Tioman transit travelers arriving in Mersing are promptly provided with the information, the tickets and the bookings required, enabling everyone to hop onto their resort-bound ferry and start their paradise island holiday swiftly and conveniently.

But even those not yet sure whether to go to Tioman or elsewhere are now able to get more details about this showpiece of an island by window-shopping remotely, along with the countless other popular Mersing landmarks and recreational activities, without leaving the comfort of their home. How? Through the wonders of the internet. After all, Mersing Harbour Centre can also be visited virtually, i.e. on www.mersingharbourcentre.com.

This well-appointed online tourism portal offers ferry ticket information, a complete list of all hotels/resorts in Mersing and Tioman, with full accommodation profiles as well as reviews. And much, much more.

Want to book your Tioman room in advance online? (always a good idea, given today's saturated occupancy levels), then you'll be pleased to hear that now you can. Both Booking.com and Agoda are available.

No more stress finding out upon arrival in Mersing that your hotel of choice is fully booked. With the Mersing Harbour Centre website, your room booking is just a few keystrokes away. Best of all, it's safe and secure.

Ditto fun activities like jungle-trekking, island-hopping, snorkelling, scubadiving, kayaking, SUP, you name it. All can be booked via Mersingharbourcentre.com.

But Mersing Harbour Centre, both its online and offline incarnations, sport a variety of useful facilities and amenities as well. To wit, apart from the clearly marked ferry ticket counters, the eye-pleasing Mersing Harbour Centre building boasts a spacious food court wing, a washroom-cum-shower section, retail outlets in the form of kiosks, shops and push carts, a prayer room, a manned help desk, an outdoor playground and even a spa and hair salon.

Never a dull moment in Mersing Harbour Centre.

Your first time to Mersing Harbour Centre? No worries; you can take a bus or a taxi from most towns in Singapore and Malaysia. Since the) Mersing Harbour Centre complex is a mainstay for the regional transport industry, it's a fixed destination on all commercial bus, coach and private vehicle routes, both northbound and southbound. Prefer to self-drive? Not a problem either.

Ferry to Tioman Island

If, like most savvy Tioman travelers, you prefer to have your ferry to Tioman booked in advance but you're not sure where to book, then we recommend this ferry ticket provider. Tioman Ferry has been providing thorough ferry ticket services since 2011, earning countless glowing reviews in the process. Better still, Tioman Ferry is the sole ferry operation partner that provides passengers with ferry timing updates, by no means a luxury, given Mersing's fairly shallow river mouth and dynamic weather, traditionally a pretty volatile combination.

In its relatively short existence, Mersing Harbour Centre has proven to be a shot in the arm for the greater Mersing area. And as more and more visitors, both local and overseas discover this helpful, versatile tourism portal, whether they use it offline or online, or both, Mersing Harbour Centre will undoubtedly continue to go from strength to strength.