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Taking the Train In Malaysia

If you're thinking of touring Malaysia but you're not sure what's the best mode of transport to opt for, particularly given the cost of petrol nowadays, then consider the train. The train system in Malaysia is called KTMB and it's an excellent way to get around. Not only are train tickets very cheap in malaysia, especially when you consider the extensive mileage covered, but the train carriages are surprisingly comfy too.

The reason for this is that KTMB has been overhauling its entire railway system during the past several years. This applies to the actual railway network, but to the quality of the service too, as well as the interiors of the train carriages. Expect roomy, fully airconditioned cabins and lazy Pullman-type seating that decline quite a ways, ideal for catching some lovely swaying shuteye. All that whilst you're speeding along to your next destination.

And if you like gazing out of your window whilst you journey, then you'll have lots to see. From eye-popping coastal stretches to lush jungle to undulating hills in the distance, as well as awesome skylines when you're headed for Kuala Lumpur, for example. Oh, and no traffic jams, nor any road quality issues.

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